Primary Care Services

We offer a full range of primary and specialty vision care services.Dr. Blackburn

  • Comprehensive Vision Examinations - 20/20 just means that the person can clearly see a certain letter on the standard eye chart (equivalent to what a person with normal vision should be able to see at 20 feet). There's so much more to healthy vision than 20/20! Our comprehensive vision exam goes beyond 20/20 to evaluate many important visual skills.

  • Treatment of Eye Infections & Diseases
  • In addition to protecting your eyes from accidents, early detection and treatment of eye problems is the best way to keep your healthy vision throughout your life. By age 65, one in three Americans has some form of vision-impairing eye disease. Most do not know it because there are often no warning symptoms or they assume that poor sight is a natural part of growing older. In many cases, blindness and vision loss are preventable.

    Some Eye Disease Facts

    • Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in the United States, and the most common cause of blindness among African Americans. More than three million people have glaucoma, but half do not realize it because there are often no warning symptoms.
    • Approximately 24 million people in the United States have diabetes and nearly one-quarter of them do not know it. Diabetes is the leading cause of new blindness among adults and people with diabetes are 25 times more likely to become blind than people without it. By detecting and treating diabetic retinopathy early through annual, dilated eye exams, people with diabetes can preserve their sight.
    • Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a leading cause of vision loss in people 65 years or older in the United States. It affects more than 10 million Americans according to the National Eye Institute. Last reviewed and updated in February 2009, by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. For more information on other eye diseases, please visit Selection of Eyewear - Gucci Eyewear
  • Contact Lens Fitting and Follow-up, including soft disposables, RGPs (hard lenses), toric lenses, and multi‐focal lenses.

  • Wide selection of eyewear - We have over 700 frames available. Price ranges from $50 to over $500. We carry brand names such as Gucci, Versace, Coach, Armani and more!

  • InfantSEE® Exams - We are proud members of   InfantSEE
  • Dr. Blackburn is a leading doctor in Delaware for InfantSEE® Exams. They are provided free of charge with a physician referral for babies 6‐12 months old. These exams are specifically geared to monitor early ocular health and development.

    InfantSEE®, a public health program, managed by Optometry's CharityTM - The AOA Foundation, is designed to ensure that eye and vision care becomes an integral part of infant wellness care to improve a child's quality of life. Under this program, AOA optometrists provide a comprehensive eye and vision assessments for infants within the first year of life regardless of a family's income or access to insurance coverage. (