Delaware Vision Academy

Welcome to Delaware Vision Academy

Delaware Vision Academy is a full service eye care center specializing in educating our patients on total eye health. We offer a wide spectrum of optometric services such as routine eye exams, developmental vision rehabilitation and optical consultations. At Delaware Vision Academy, it is our mission to provide you and your family the highest quality of vision care.

Going Beyond 20/20
Yearly eye exams maintain good eye health and visual acuity. Acuity is measured by the ability to read a letter chart from a distance of twenty feet. 20/20 sight refers to normal visual acuity. If a patient has difficulty reading the letter chart clearly, glasses or contacts may be prescribed.

However, some patients may show signs of other visual dysfunctions even though they have 20/20 sight. In these instances, a developmental vision evaluation may be necessary. This evaluation is designed to test eye movement, eye coordination, and other visual skills. A deficiency in these capabilities can interfere with reading, learning, and daily life activities. Vision rehabilitation may be recommended to help develop these necessary skills.

On the Cutting Edge
Our doctors are always involved in research funded by the National Institute of Health and National Eye Institute. There can be anywhere from 1 to 3 different studies going on at one time. If you have a child with amblyopia or strabismus, please contact our office for details on studies which still need participants. Participants will receive glasses, patches and any other materials required as part of the study.